CMA Fall 2015 Final Project Documentation

Video documentation of some of the final projects may be seen via the links below.  These are unlisted videos. Amanda (take 1, take 2) Andrew Leo Justin Quinn Tyler

CMA1 Feedback

Here is a chance for you to submit some feedback.  This may be especially important if you remember somethings after the final class. See form here.

SD1 Final Project Submission

The final project is due at 1pm on the final day of classes. Your final project must contain proper credits at the end.  Also please add a 5 second count down at the beginning. Each group member must submit the final project link and answer the questions posed here.

Final Project progress 3

We are in the last 7 days (168 hours) of the final project progress.  It is now time to identify what you can and must do to complete the final project.   You may find that there are more things to do that you feel you have time to accomplish.   To reduce the stress […]

Final Project Sketch

Today is the penultimate class you have an increasingly clear idea of how your final piece will come to fruition.   Use the form linked below to provide a report on where your project is now and what you will do to wrap it up and present next week. Please use the form linked here.