FMT final project time

For the final project in Fundamentals of Music Technology, we will focus our studies on specific topics that each group of 3 students will present to the rest of the class in the last two meetings. Points for accuracy and awesomeness of presentation. Select your topic preference here.

Presentation Rig update

Mid-semester Fall 2014 update. While splashtop bench tested where, there were some issues in using it that I did not expect. 1. Audio Programs behave sluggishly, specifically to mouse-intensive activities on my almost 2 year old laptop while running Splashtop 2. Having the audio programs on screen is not as helpful as I once thought. […]

Sound Design via Automation

This lab provides some example strategies to produce exciting sounds, noises and samples using parameter automation. Worksheet here .

Audio to MIDI

This lab will focus on using the Audio to MIDI conversion functions available in Ableton Live (v9) and likely many other DAWs moving forward. These tools can be used to help quickly create new productions as well as assist in the analysis of existing works. Lab worksheet.

Re-sampling workflow

To make music creation more efficient we will use one of the re-sampling workflows that has become popular with electronic producer/mentors such as ill.Gates and training organizations such as dubSpot.   Sound library build worksheet.

Graphic Scores

Making a simple score using shapes like squares, rectangles and trapezoids is a quick and easy way to break the tyranny of the blank page.   Scores may also use more precise notation and markings, as seen here. For this lab, we will build upon our discussion of the Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, etc.) and the golden […]

Simple Synthesis

This workshop will get you into the basics of synthesis using the Simpler Instrument in Ableton Live. This can be done with the basic, standard or suite versions of Live. Please download these synthesis source files. Simpler Synthesis worksheet Reminder: As you create sounds you like, record them as samples to be used in your […]