Presentation Rig 2015

Previously I have discussed presenting and teaching using digital whiteboards instead of slides and mirrored screens showing tools and technology at work. You can see some of these writings and rants here. Recently, I found my favorite digital white board technology,  Jot for iOS and its most useful support tool were somehow blocked at […]

AV1 Syllabus Spring 2015

Audio for Video 1 Wednesdays 11am-12:40pm Studio C (aka Edu room 880)   Online Course Description An introduction to the concepts and applications of audio production for video, television and film. Current production techniques frequently used in the post-production industry will be explored with special emphasis on synchronization and the interfacing of SMPTE time code, […]

Presentation Rig update

Mid-semester Fall 2014 update. While splashtop bench tested where, there were some issues in using it that I did not expect. 1. Audio Programs behave sluggishly, specifically to mouse-intensive activities on my almost 2 year old laptop while running Splashtop 2. Having the audio programs on screen is not as helpful as I once thought. […]