Summer Electronic Music Institute. Tools:  (can run for free, pay to save edits)  (optional paid app $5) Max-Patches & Touch layout for OSC collaboration Max-Video examples from Adam.


This page will be the central source for assignments in the Fundamentals of Music Technology course. Syllabus: Fall 2014 Assignments Due by 2pm on date listed unless otherwise noted, click links for details. Reading by class time Worksheet Report (blog) other/Instructions 9/2/2014 nothing due first day of classes 9/9/2014 Chapter 1, Sound Create blog Blog 9/16/2014 […]


This is the central page for all Sound Design assignments. Syllabus: Fall 2015 Reading/Listening  Lab/Review Lab/Show  DUE 28-Aug Introductions Found Foley  Picture-Sound lab only 04-Sept Workflow Basics workflow review  Picture-sound2  project 1 11-Sept Sync and Standards Diegetic SFX  Fight Scene  project 2 18-Sept Project review, Sound walk Dialog Rec. Sound walk  project 3 25-Sept Narrative and Dialog Voice Edit […]


This is the central page for all Computer Music Applications 2 assignments. Syllabus: Spring 2016 Reading/Listening (finish before class)  Beginner Lab Advanced Lab  DUE @ start of class 22-Jan Introductions  Inspiration  Inspiration 29-Jan Basic Analysis  Sections  Sections+MIDI  Syllabus Confirmation 05-Feb See assignment Record snow.  Organized Sound   Organized Sound  Record snow 12-Feb Future of Music: Credo  Elements of Sound […]


This is the central page for all Computer Music Applications 1 assignments. Syllabus: Fall 2016 Reading/Listening  Beginner Lab Advanced Lab  DUE before class starts 26-Aug Introductions export to web  export to web 02-Sept Sound and Physics Mixing 1  Mix: ReSynth  Syllabus √ 09-Sept Psychoacoustics/Hearing Editing 2  Edit:composition 16-Sept Recording & Microphones Sampler and Lib Sampler and […]