This is the central page for all Computer Music Applications 1 assignments.

Syllabus: Fall 2016

Reading/Listening  Beginner Lab Advanced Lab  DUE before class starts
26-Aug Introductions export to web  export to web
02-Sept Sound and Physics Mixing 1  Mix: ReSynth  Syllabus √
09-Sept Psychoacoustics/Hearing Editing 2  Edit:composition
16-Sept Recording & Microphones Sampler and Lib Sampler and Lib   Project 1
23-Sept Tension and Release Loops and Changes  TensionRelease
30-Sept Everything is a remix Recombination  Cut & resequence
07-Oct Mathematical patterns in Art Fractal Music  Fibonacci Music    Project 2
14-Oct Sound Design Stacking synths  Multi-mapping
21-Oct Theory and Production
28-Oct Work Flow discussion  workflowlab   workflowlab  p3 extended
04-Nov Improvisation as Composition  Audio To MIDI  Improv session  Project 3
11-Nov Listen, Think, Act  Live Looping  OSC
18-Nov Project 4 jams  Gates  Ensemble Improv.  Project 4
02-Dec Risk Reward, Perfection  OSC Mapping &  Project Progress
09-Dec Final Project Audio/Video Presentation  class feedback FINAL Project

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