Here is it.  The final.   The last meeting will be comprised of a presentation of you final project (you may perform live,  play a pre-record or some combination of the two).   Either way, you will also submit a recorded version via the usual on-line pages. Before the start of class, submit your work […]

Make it happen.

So far this year we have focused on using computer music applications to compose, produce and perform music.  Now we must turn our focus towards what to do with these skills.   As we have previously discussed,  concert sales are doing very well these days, while recorded music sales are not growing at the rates […]

Final Project Step 2

This is the final lab session before the final project presentation.    You will have this lab time to ask any questions remaining before the end of the semester.    Each student is expected to use this lab time as well as unsupervised lab time to complete their final project.   The final project is […]

Go see this show.

Bring $5 and maybe a note book for all the ideas you may have from seeing/hearing this show.

Final Steps 1

Today we start working on the final project.   The final project will include two components.  A single piece of music that demonstrates your understanding of the tools and concepts covered this semester.  A collection of original sounds/music that you can share on the FRCC webpage. Today you will complete the outline for your composition. […]


This week we will explore adding videos to our Ableton Live projects. This can be valuable for the following:  Making music videos Creating visuals for live performance Film Scoring, Sound design and other commercial music production. Create a 30 to 60 second composition using video (cutting together found clips, etc) and audio/music of your creation. […]

Bring it.

It is often too easy to continue making music by trying to emulate people making the same kind of music you wish to make.   To get out of this rut, we can employ another creative process.  Lets call this process Inclusion synthesis. For this lab,  select one of the artists or artistic movements we […]

Loops and Interest

For this assignment, you will make a loop based song with 32, 64 or 128 repetitions of your foundation sound (drum loop or drone for example).   Please make the total song length between 1 and 2 minutes. To keep things interesting, you will need to add complexity to otherwise a simple repetitive sound.   […]

procedural composition

For this lab you will make at least one short composition using a step by step, self-similar processes. Fractal Structure:  Create a 3 note melody and render as audio (record singing, record synth, etc) Analyze the melody: How are the notes different, how are they longer or shorter than the first? Apply the differences in […]