Mixing Gates Lab

Use this presentation to guide your lab experience. gates lab sheet.

Mixing Gates

      Using side chaining and gates are powerful tools for music production, performance and remixing.   The examples below can be easily employed to make space in a mix for a new sounds or create a rhythmic figure from a continuous sound or noise. These tricks have been used to help rhythm sections […]

Advanced Mapping

MIDI mapping in your DAW can turn your music production tools into music performance tools.   At times the automatic mapping features of programs like live can be very helpful.  Occasionally you may find that they do not work to your satisfaction.     For example,  if you map a MIDI key press (using the […]

Live Looping

A really quick way to explore some musical ideas live, whether using instruments or synthesizers is live looping.    Most any DAW can be used to create a live looping instrument if you can find a delay with 100% feedback and simultaneously reduce the input to that delay to -infinity or mute. Download an Ableton […]

Topic Outline

As your group digs into your final project research, you will want to organize the research such that you cover the most important parts of your topic.  Ideally you will split your main topic into three areas you can each individually review.  That said, you are each responsible for the over-all success of the presentation.  So […]

Final Project Sources

Each member of your video production group must contribute to the understanding of the topic.  A key ingredient in this understanding is producing a literary review of the topic.  You must be able to cite any statement of fact used in your paper, script or video. Submit your sources here. Reminder, all sources must be […]

FMT-final project week 1

In preparation for your final project please make a few decisions regarding rolls of group members to get things started. 1. Choose a group leader/manager. This person will be responsible for making decisions when the group needs one person to do so, and will be responsible for keeping the group on-task. 2. Choose a group […]