This page will be the central source for assignments in the Fundamentals of Music Technology course. Syllabus: Fall 2014 Assignments Due by 2pm on date listed unless otherwise noted, click links for details. Reading by class time Worksheet Report (blog) other/Instructions 9/2/2014 nothing due first day of classes 9/9/2014 Chapter 1, Sound Create blog Blog 9/16/2014 […]

Topic Outline

As your group digs into your final project research, you will want to organize the research such that you cover the most important parts of your topic.  Ideally you will split your main topic into three areas you can each individually review.  That said, you are each responsible for the over-all success of the presentation.  So […]

Final Project Sources

Each member of your video production group must contribute to the understanding of the topic.  A key ingredient in this understanding is producing a literary review of the topic.  You must be able to cite any statement of fact used in your paper, script or video. Submit your sources here. Reminder, all sources must be […]

FMT-final project week 1

In preparation for your final project please make a few decisions regarding rolls of group members to get things started. 1. Choose a group leader/manager. This person will be responsible for making decisions when the group needs one person to do so, and will be responsible for keeping the group on-task. 2. Choose a group […]

FMT final project time

For the final project in Fundamentals of Music Technology, we will focus our studies on specific topics that each group of 3 students will present to the rest of the class in the last two meetings. Points for accuracy and awesomeness of presentation. Select your topic preference here.

Polar charts?

When describing how well a speaker projects or a microphone receives sound at different angles of incidence, a polar chart is a swell way to show the data.    Its easy to catch anomalies when looking at the polar chart.  Much more so than looking at a list of numbers. Please see google images for examples, […]

Experiment Instructions: Directionality

This assignment includes a practical experiment, described below, which can be performed in groups of 2-3. Using sine wave generator (software or hardware), JBL eon active loudspeaker on a stand and an SPL meter performing the following: Begin the process by producing a 1000 Hz sine wave, Adjust the levels of the signal generator and […]

Experiment Description: Distance vs SPL

  Description: For this assignment you are expected to perform a set of small experiments as explained below. The experiments should be done in small groups no more than 3 people in a group. Please record the results of the experiments on a short report (max. 4 pages).   Note: Earplugs are highly recommended REQUIRED […]

create a blog.

All assignments for this class will be delivered via blog posts. WordPress is great, but feel free to use the blog technology of your choice. You will need to be able to post audio files (via sound cloud for example) and video files (via vimeo or youtube for example) to your blog. You must have […]

Fundamentals of Music Technology Syllabus Fall 2014