Experiment Instructions: Directionality

This assignment includes a practical experiment, described below, which can be performed in groups of 2-3.

Using sine wave generator (software or hardware), JBL eon active loudspeaker on a stand and an SPL meter performing the following:

  • Begin the process by producing a 1000 Hz sine wave, Adjust the levels of the signal generator and the JBL eon such that the SPL meter reads 70dB SPL (A weighted) when the meter is level with the speaker, 0º angle of incidence at a distance of 1.5 feet.  Once your levels are set, do not change the gain on the signal generator or the JBL eon.  Only adjust the sensitivity/range of the SPL meter.
  • Measure the SPL (A-weighted) of the JBL eon producing tones at 100, 250, 550, 1400, 2100 and 9600 Hz  as well as white and pink noise.
  • Measure each signal at the following horizontal angles of incidence: 0º, 45º, 90º, 135º, 180º, 225º, 270º and 315º
  • Measure each signal and each angle of incidence at these distances: 3 ft, (x) ft.
  • Experiment with rotating the Speaker vs. rotating the SPL meter, vs. moving the SPL meter around the speaker.


Please use hearing protection and set the SPL meter to slow response.
Additional instructions regarding equipment checkout and connections can be see on the distance vs. SPL assignment.


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