Elements of Sound Design

For this class we will focus on sound design within the context of music.  We will noise sound effects and noise, but will consider each of these elements with a musical ear and musical terms.  So that we are on the same page with musical terms.  Please see this link for the main terms we […]

Sound walk

We often think of narrative in terms of visual story telling.  For this exercise we will tell a brief story by putting sounds together to create a narrative with out visuals.  Sketch a story, or outline, of imaginary “path”. Find/Create/Record the sounds you would hear if you were to travel through your story. Organize, sequence […]

SD1 Sync homework

Building on the fight scene project from class.    Improve the sound design and sync of the fight scene you started with your lab partner or group.  Continue working on the project outside of class either alone or continuing in your group.   The advantage of group work, is that you can divide the workload […]

Work flow proof of concept

For this show and tell session. 1. Find a photo of a real or imaginary place, indoors or outdoors that you remember very well how it sounds. 2. Layer several sounds together that create the sonic environment of that photo.  Be sure to edit the sounds and add fades. 3. Mix and Export the composite sound […]

SD1 Workflow Lab

Open the audio and video tools you will use for class today.  Open your note book and make sure you can answer each of the questions in your own words.   Try things out with your tools to make sure you know you can do it easily, and someday soon, without your notes. Some of […]

FRCC Sound Design Syllabus 2015

Sound Design Syllabus:

Sound Design via Automation

This lab provides some example strategies to produce exciting sounds, noises and samples using parameter automation. Worksheet here .

Re-sampling workflow

To make music creation more efficient we will use one of the re-sampling workflows that has become popular with electronic producer/mentors such as ill.Gates and training organizations such as dubSpot.   Sound library build worksheet.

Lab 5 Stacking and Sequencing

Stacking There are at least a few ways to add richness and depth to your music productions.   One quick and easy method is to add tracks of instruments playing parallel or doubled parts.    Back when we could only record instruments, we would have to replay the same parts several times.   There were some […]