Lab 5 Stacking and Sequencing


There are at least a few ways to add richness and depth to your music productions.   One quick and easy method is to add tracks of instruments playing parallel or doubled parts.    Back when we could only record instruments, we would have to replay the same parts several times.   There were some advantages to this process, but it was time consuming.

These days we can instantly add a parallel track or voice by duplicating the entire track then changing the virtual instrument or synthesizer on the second track or by stacking synths in one track.

1. Stacking worksheet

2. Stacking Lab

MIDI sequencing

By using MIDI to sequence synthesizers and samplers we can quickly and easily make new and interesting variations on our musical ideas.   Building on our experience with the same-same-different lab, lets take advantage of MIDI, piano roll or even notation (in Logic or Finale) sequencing to control our virtual instruments.

1.  Sequencing lab


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