Dialog re-record and refine

Start with your dialog lab project and continue to improve it.  Work in groups to divide the labor. Re-record any voices that did not sound like the person who you see on screen. Refine the edits and mixing so that each of the voices sound even in terms of volume or level. Upload and submit […]

Dialog Edit

For this lab you will edit dialog recordings to line up with your production dialog (the clip you used). Import the production (the full clip, audio only) into your DAW on track 1. Import your best ADR takes into your DAW using a different track for each actor/character. Edit the ADR takes until they line […]

Intensional: Tension & Release

For this lab you will create a short song/expert where you have intentionally created a sequence of tension and release with loops.  By thinking in the pattern of same, same, different, you can avoid too much repetition.  If needed, Analyze a good song for where it has repetition and changes. If needed, Analyze a good […]

Dialog Capture Homework

For this project you will work with a classmate to record dialog for a movie clip. Select a fun movie clip 1.5-3 minutes long.  There should be at least two people talking, arguing, speaking a lot. Divide up the tasks of who will record which voices.  You can work together in one location, or you […]

Sound walk

We often think of narrative in terms of visual story telling.  For this exercise we will tell a brief story by putting sounds together to create a narrative with out visuals.  Sketch a story, or outline, of imaginary “path”. Find/Create/Record the sounds you would hear if you were to travel through your story. Organize, sequence […]

CMA Project 1

Working with constraints. You have only 3 source ingredients for this project. white noise,  download here if needed. sine waves, download here if needed. A break beat.  for example: Amenbreak. Using only these sounds,  create a compelling EDM piece around 3 minutes long.  You may edit these sounds, transpose them and mix/remix them.  Feel free to […]

Presentation Rig 2015

Previously I have discussed presenting and teaching using digital whiteboards instead of slides and mirrored screens showing tools and technology at work. You can see some of these writings and rants here. Recently, I found my favorite digital white board technology,  Jot for iOS and its most useful support tool www.jotwithme.com were somehow blocked at […]

SD1 Sync homework

Building on the fight scene project from class.    Improve the sound design and sync of the fight scene you started with your lab partner or group.  Continue working on the project outside of class either alone or continuing in your group.   The advantage of group work, is that you can divide the workload […]

Advanced Audio Edit re-cut.

Creating music by cutting up audio recordings into small pieces then re-assembling them has had a long history in electronic music.  Famous works include Gesang Der Junglinge by Karlheinz Stockhausen.   There are even entire approaches to music involving cutting audio recordings, for example music concète. These examples come from a classical or high-art aesthetic […]

CMA credit for concert attendance

Skin Deep is a three-day 2015 Colorado NeXt Music Fest event that will run from September 11-13 at the Broomfield Auditorium.  Presentations will involve an innovative approach to the programming of interconnected disciplines and styles while focusing on a unique theme: how we can transcend the myriad stereotypes in our culture today. With nationally-renowned jazz violinist Christian Howes, […]

Short Fight scene

For this project you will download and cut a 30 second fight or action sequence.  Please work in pairs during this lab.  Acquire your video media. Remove all sound. Create an edit decision list noting where each sound will be in time and what the sound needs to be. Add said sounds to a timeline, […]

SD1 Project 2

Building on our lab exercise.  Consider our critical discussion about which sounds were close, but were somehow not quite right.  This will give you a chance to practice the process working with sound, then connecting it to a visual media.  This will also give you an opportunity to refine the work, which could not be […]

Advanced Mixing (re-synthesis)

For those of you who already know the basic functionality of mixing, lets try something to challenge your ears. Find a musical tone online or in any synth you can find on the computer.   The tone must be steady (no vibrato,  modulation, filter sweeps).    Think of the steady portion of a clarinet sustaining […]

Work flow proof of concept

For this show and tell session. 1. Find a photo of a real or imaginary place, indoors or outdoors that you remember very well how it sounds. 2. Layer several sounds together that create the sonic environment of that photo.  Be sure to edit the sounds and add fades. 3. Mix and Export the composite sound […]

SD1 Workflow Lab

Open the audio and video tools you will use for class today.  Open your note book and make sure you can answer each of the questions in your own words.   Try things out with your tools to make sure you know you can do it easily, and someday soon, without your notes. Some of […]