Sounds for procedural composition

For this lab, you will need to bring between 16 and 32 sounds to class.  For simplicity, lets re-use the same sounds as your mid-term project. If by chance those sounds have become less interesting to you,  please collect/generate/record a new collection of sounds. Bring them to lab individually exported in a folder.  We will […]

Sounds for mid term comp

For your mid term composition/production project you will need at least 32 sounds,  or pre-produced sequences of sounds that you will use to create your composition during the lab time. Many of you will have completed this collection of sounds during your lab last week, but if not, keep making sounds. Please organize your sounds […]

Hierarchical Composition

For this week we will explore creating a composition hierarchically or top down.    We will start with an intentional outline, beginning, middle and end at a bare minimum,  then fill in each of those sections with further hierarchical structures.   For example the section we will refer to as the beginning, will itself has […]

Racking Synths

Today we continue exploring subtractive synthesis but in order to be able to quickly compare, assess and creatively explore subtractive synthesis further we will be using drum racks and instrument racks to give you finger tip access to all the difference sounds you create. For this lab we will continue with the goals from the […]

Granular Synthesis

As we push the outer boundaries of our technical and creative tool kit, we will find granular synthesis.   The methods of granular synthesis have changed over the years (first requiring razors, audio tape, splicing tape, and lots of time).   Now we can use computers to complete tasks that may have taken days and weeks […]

Add/Sub Resynth

For this lab we will experiment with Additive and Subtractive synthesis in order to reproduce sounds that we have analyzed. As discussed in the lecture, we will use a visual representation of the sound that shows amplitude over frequency (spectrum). From this spectrum, we will estimate a recipe.  Draw it on paper.  100hz at full […]

Advanced Analysis Resynthesis

For this lab we will further develop our ears and synthesis fundamental techniques by taking on a more challenging source.  To achieve this, w will depart from EDM and contemporary electronic music to explore some of the classics of 20th century electronic music. Your goal in the lab is two fold.  1st to become more aware […]