Analysis/Resynthesis source

For class this week you will need a few ingredients that you can quickly find online:  Sine wave ( you will need to know the frequency, Hz of the waves wave or the note it sounds, C3 for example). Square wave White noise To make sure the assignment is custom fit to your interests.  You will […]

Analysis Resynthesis

One of the goals of a creator of electronic music is to be able to produce any sound she desires.    Often while composing or producing a song, you may find yourself wanting to reproduce one sound that you have heard before. In contemporary music production,  you may be able to reproduce a sound made […]

Experimental Sound Design Lab

For this lab, we will experiment with ways to create new sounds starting with sounds we have recorded or downloaded from the internet.    We will be starting with one short sound (percussive in nature) and one long sound (sustaining, non-pitched noise). Lab instructions/form linked here. If you found some interesting sounds and want to […]

Elements of Sound Design Review

If you found yourself with more questions than answers after the Elements of Sound Design lab,  your are thinking the right way.  Always be curious, keep looking for new ideas. There may be some ideas that we did not get to explore as much during class.   Please download the provided Live Session to explore […]

Intentional Sound Design

Now that you have developed some abilities by exploring how you can change the various physical parameters of sound such pitch/frequency,  duration, rhythm, timbre, morphology, etc,  let start putting these abilities to work. For example.  What parameters would you change to make a sound more heavy or large? Please answer the questions in the link […]

Something you have never heard before

Find or take a photo of an object that you have never heard make a sound before. Bring this photo, or a link to this photo, to class with an idea or two about what it would take for this object to make sound (would it need to fall, be struck, does it naturally make […]

Elements of Sound Design

For this class we will focus on sound design within the context of music.  We will noise sound effects and noise, but will consider each of these elements with a musical ear and musical terms.  So that we are on the same page with musical terms.  Please see this link for the main terms we […]

Future Of Music Credo

John Cage had a profound impact on the development and acceptance of new musical ideas in the 20th century.   Please take a few minutes to read 3 pages of his ideas. PDF linked here. Please share your thoughts/response to this reading via the form here.

Organized Sound

For this assignment you will be organizing sounds different than the musical sounds you typical to pop or dance music.     You will be collecting sounds that have some interest to you or that you have recorded.  You will then assign each sound to a descriptive feature from your most recent analysis project.   […]

Record the Snow

Go outside,  find a spot you can visit twice this week.   Record the snow!  Use your phone,  get the best recording app you can for free.  Music recording apps sound better than most voice recording apps (we can discuss why later). Then go back and record that same spot while there is no snow. […]