Langsound software/resources

If you are looking for langsound software like Max for Live devices, VST plugins or other resources like sample libraries and presets. Please head over to

Group Performance 2

Today we will continue our work making music together by leveraging a pair of max-msp patches that allow us to quickly set up, program and test control mappings. Please download the patches here :zipped patches: Please if you need a PC compatible patch, please download this package. We will spend the lab working together towards […]

Record the Snow

Go outside,  find a spot you can visit twice this week.   Record the snow!  Use your phone,  get the best recording app you can for free.  Music recording apps sound better than most voice recording apps (we can discuss why later). Then go back and record that same spot while there is no snow. […]

Sound Design changing

Here is an article discussion how sound designer creating sound effects libraries are influencing how the post production business is operating.

FRCC Sound Design Syllabus 2015

Sound Design Syllabus:

Graphic Scores

Making a simple score using shapes like squares, rectangles and trapezoids is a quick and easy way to break the tyranny of the blank page.   Scores may also use more precise notation and markings, as seen here. For this lab, we will build upon our discussion of the Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, etc.) and the golden […]

Listening session


Howdy Y’all, this is the main website for Langdon Crawford, aka langsound. Most of my work is hosted elsewhere for now. You can see my video documentation of my on-going production and experimentation process: My sporadic blog posts can be seen on here: and here My work at NYU can be seen […]

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