This page will be the central source for assignments in the Fundamentals of Music Technology course.

Syllabus: Fall 2014

Assignments Due by 2pm on date listed unless otherwise noted, click links for details.

Reading by class time Worksheet Report (blog) other/Instructions
9/2/2014 nothing due first day of classes
9/9/2014 Chapter 1, Sound Create blog Blog
9/16/2014 Chapter 2, Perception Listen Record Listen
9/23/2014 Chapter 3, Microphones Distance-SPL  Instructions—–>  Distance-SPL
9/30/2014 Chapter 4, Loud Speakers Distance-SPL
10/7/2014 exam review Directionality  Instructions—–>  Directionality
10/14/2014 No meeting, report deadline extended to **Thursday Directionality** polar charts?
10/21/2014 Chapter 5, Mixers
10/28/2014 Chapter 12, Lines and Interconnections Final Select topic
11/4/2014 Chapter 6, Analog Recording Group Member Roles 
11/11/2014 Chapter 8, DAP to D/A conversion  Project Sources
11/18/2014 Chapter 8, DSD to data reduction  Topic Outline
11/25/2014 Chapter 14, MIDI  Script/board
12/2/2014 Focus on final Final report   board/script
12/9/2014 Final Project Video Presentation Final Project Final Project Final Project

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