Advanced Mapping

MIDI mapping in your DAW can turn your music production tools into music performance tools.   At times the automatic mapping features of programs like live can be very helpful.  Occasionally you may find that they do not work to your satisfaction.     For example,  if you map a MIDI key press (using the notes) to turn an effect on/off, the first time you press the key it turns the effect on then when you release the key the effect stays on,  when you press the key a second time the effect turns off…   This toggling function is great, but maybe you want the effect to be on only while the key is pressed.

Linked is a stand alone max/msp app that accepts MIDI notes and outputs MIDI continuous control messages.  The controller number is set by the pitch of the note and the control value is set by the velocity.

Mac only App Version 0.1 (32Mb zipped, ~91 Mb uncompressed, right click to open)

Patch and Collective (require downloading free max runtime v 6 mac or v 6 windows) or max 7 also works, saving is disabled unless you authorize.

Windows users will need to also install additional technology such as loopMIDI which will allows MIDI messages to be shared between programs.

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