procedural composition

For this lab you will make at least one short composition using a step by step, self-similar processes.

Fractal Structure:

  1.  Create a 3 note melody and render as audio (record singing, record synth, etc)
  2. Analyze the melody: How are the notes different, how are they longer or shorter than the first?
  3. Apply the differences in the notes to a copy of the first melody based on each note in the melody.
    1. Play the melody once unchanged
    2. Play the melody transposed by the interval of the first note to the second note and change the duration of the melody so that its duration is relative to the second note (if the 2nd note is half the duration of the first note, the second melody will play twice as fast).
    3. Repeat the process: copy, transpose and stretch/compress, as many times as there are notes in the first melody.
    4. Take these 3  new melodies (9-notes total) , copy them and repeat the transposition and duration change process again (27 notes total).
    5. Take the 27-note phrase and repeat the copy, transposition and duration change process  (81 notes total).
    6. Repeat as needed (243, 729, etc)
  4. When you have reached an aesthetic limit or a total duration between 2 and 4 minutes, stop, save and share on sound cloud.

After listening to the resulting composition,  make 1 decision about something to change, repeat the above steps (this should go much faster now) and share the second piece on sound cloud.   If time allows, make one more decision and go!

**Advanced variation**
Start with the first three steps to generate melodies,  Then using them to make an epic arrangement in your pet style or favorite genre.

Submit your work as usual via the google form linked here.


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