Same Same Different

One of the easiest ways to make boring music with modern technology is to simply repeat the same audio material exactly the same over again. A quick way to prevent repetition is change the material in some what after the second repetition. Here are two worksheets to help you get started on the concept of […]


Session mode keyboard performance and recording step by step instructions Post your arrangement to sound cloud and submit your work via the google form here. Project 01 Reminder, checklist.        


Download the example session here.    If you do not have access to Ableton Live, you can load the audio loops into the DAW of your choice.  Just make sure there is one loop on each track, and that they can loop. Guided activities and worksheets: 1.  Mixing Activity 1  To do list. 2. Mixer Functions […]

FRCC CMA1 Syllabus

Syllabus: Tentative Schedule of Topics