AV1 Final

The Final Project for AV1 gives you the opportunity to apply all the lessons from the short assignments in the semester into one large project that you can use to demonstrate the quality of your post production skill set.

The final will be broken down into several layers so that we may use class time to continue the honing of our critical listening and discussion skills.

1. Dialog
2. Diagetic Sounds and effects
3. Room tone, backgrounds,
4. Scoring & Music
5. Final Mix

While the focus each week will be on a different topic, the on-going nature of the project will allow us to address the quality of any previously presented element in the mix.  Thus, you will have a chance to improve each layer, and show not only the finished work, but the ability to improve your work.

To insure that each layer has a place in your final project.  You will need to source a film clip that has a narrative arc that include interesting/exciting dialog,  some action elements worthy of your sound effects skills and drama, tension or change of character that justifies your scoring efforts.

You may find its most satisfying to create a short mini-movie by editing together short clips from a film to create the narrative arc in a manageable project.   An extreme example of this reduction is the Bunnies Theatre 30 second films.  Previous projects have included a reduction of the PoTC series into a 12-minute epic tale,  peter pan in 6 minutes, and Monsters Inc in 9 minutes.

Since we will be watching these clips at least 5 times (often twice in a class), they better darn well be entertaining each re-watch. Awkward situation comedy, shock violence, and other such first watch material gets tedious after the 2nd or 3rd revisit.

You are developing skills related to the entertainment industry.  Be entertaining. Be awesome. Make movie magic!


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