Live remix session


Sample Requirements
-Samples you have copyright to ONLY (unless they’re Puff Daddy’s)
-No Presets! (Sorry modern talking)
-No Puff Daddy Samples
– Sample rate of 48 kHz
-WAV AIFF, or lossless file types. If it doesn’t open in Ableton there’s a good chance I’m not going to convert it so please do that!

Rhythmic Sample?
-For the most part, lets do 4/4. if you can show up and throw together some cool rhythm’s be my guest.
– Set to 94 BPM, or half time/double time whatever. As long as it locks into a grid set at 94.
-Make it loopable. Duh.

Musical Sample?
-Lets do D Major.
– Make the sample include a 1/8th note, a 1/4 note, and a whole note.

Funny Sample?
-Someone in electronics is required to sample Saul (with his permission, obviously.)
– I took a survey, and found that every single person on the planet actually wants a Geluso sample too.
-Freshmen, if you’re taking EMS, you can’t use a sample from class. That’s just lazy.
– Don’t do anything stupid that would get you, or NYU in trouble.

-These should be able to be warped to 94 and still give the desired sound. Ableton’s warp feature is pretty good, so lock the sample BPM in your DAW (even if it’s not really a rhythmic sample) before printing. This will prevent chipmunking.

Thanks for reading this! My email is tjf287     …nyu…  . I look forward to putting this together. Whether or not it will be successful is one thing, but it will be fun nonetheless.



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