Project 4: LIVE group session

We’ll Do IT LIVE!

This project will test two of your skills in preparation for a live performance.

  1.  Preparation of musical materials within context and time constraints.
  2. Preparation of musical instructions/composed parts.

When we next meet.  We will form groups of 3-4 players who will be controlling one computer remotely.   Each student will prepare a Live session that the players will then perform.

The constraints of the system are as follows:

  1. Each player will have up to 8 sounds, clips, loops or samples to trigger,  or, will be playing a tonal instrument.
  2. Each players will have 2 parameters to perform at a time.
    1. one of the parameters should allow for changes in dynamics/volume/energy
    2. the other parameter is of your artistic choice.
  3. Alternately, one player could perform 4 parameters, while another player has up to 16 clips, sounds or scenes to launch.

You could think of the 4 players as a band, where each player is responsible for a part of the ensemble.    For example,  one player controls all things drums,  another controls the bass sounds, another the rhythm/harmony parts and the fourth player could control a lead or melody component.  The players could try to play the parts live, as in triggering individual hits, but as we have seen, playing drums with a typewriter keyboard might not be all that musical.

We will take care of the OSC and MIDI control mapping during class together.  But you will need to come prepared knowing where each thing, you want mapped, is within your sessions.

For this performance, we will be using only key presses and mouse x/y position.  After this session, we will make MIDI controllers also available.

Please save all your source sounds/files into one folder with your session file and bring that session file to class on a USB drive, or save to dropbox and send me the public download link via this google form.


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