Recombination 1

For this lab we will work to quickly re-cut, re-shape and recombine existing works to create something new.   This lab builds on the concepts discussed in Kirby Ferfuson’s video and lecture series: Everything is a Remix.

You will start by using what ever tools your have or need to use to acquire audio files of various songs that you plan to re-combine.   Once you have the songs, you will need to quickly decide which sections of which songs you would like to combine.

Keep it simple the first pass.  Use a verse from one song that builds into what would be the chorus.  Replace the original chorus with one from another song.    You will be applying and improving your editing skills as you will need to adjust the, start/stop times,  tempo and transposition of each clip so that they more naturally transition from one to the other.

You may also find that you need to use some Equalization to balance the sound quality of the clips. Only concern yourself with EQ after you have completed the necessary editing and if time allows.

As you are making musical decisions, please leverage what we have discussed in the previous lectures and tested in previous labs.  Build on what you know as you acquire new skills and experience.

Post your re-combination online, if soundcloud or youtube throws up a copyright exception, please use google or dropbox to share the file online.   Submit your links and answer some questions via this google form.


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