Recombination 2

For this lab we will work to quickly re-cut, re-shape and recombine existing works to create something new.   This lab builds on the concepts discussed in Kirby Ferfuson’s video and lecture series: Everything is a Remix.

In this variation of the project, we will be cutting up sounds from existing works outside your usual genre of production, then using the patterns from another genre to re-combine the sounds.

An example of this recombination technique would be C2C cutting up Stevie Wonder’s Superstition into a more EDM style in their 2014 production of this well known song.

Rather than produce an entire track.  Spend no more than 60 minutes creating a drum rack where you can trigger the key components:

  1. Loops of the parts of the song that need to play normally
  2. Drum hits (kick, snare, hat) from the sampled track, reinforce with genre specific samples
  3. Bass/Rhythm hits sampled from the original
  4. Fills/transitions sampled and/or built from samples of the original
  5. Additional sound effects, hits and transitions as needed
  6. Additional loops as needed to bring this track into your genre

Record a short 1-2 minutes re-cut using the basic drum rack you created.

Post the recording online and submit the links and answers to questions via this google form

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