Music Theory and Production

You may have already heard over and over, that you will be much better at music production if you know your music theory.   But when you seek out lessons on music theory you are led down the path of classical music which for some people is almost antithetical to everything they are doing artistically. […]

Mathematical structures in biology and art

So far in this class we have focused on tools having to do with the specifics of computer graphic displays and how they may be used for music production and performance.   This will allow you to open windows, see and manipulate on icons, like when you things with a mouse or pointer.  These are very practical […]

Same same different reading

This week, we have an short music analysis rather than a reading.  If you do not do this before class, we will use the lab time for you to complete this.    It will be in the lab page too.   See the assignment specifics here.

Physics of Sound Reading

Linked below is the reading for the physics of sound.   The reading is presented here as a slide show, so that you can use illustrations to better understand the main concepts.  Not every idea is completely explained down to the last details,  we may find that this reading prompts us dig deeper in our […]

Hearing and Sound perception reading

Linked below is the reading assignment for the hearing and psychoacoustics discussions.     Rather than make you dig through 4 pages of solid text, the reading is spread over several slides with pictures and videos to illustrate the main ideas. Click this link to open the reading. When completed, please answer a few short […]