Music Theory and Production

You may have already heard over and over, that you will be much better at music production if you know your music theory.   But when you seek out lessons on music theory you are led down the path of classical music which for some people is almost antithetical to everything they are doing artistically.    If this sounds like you, thankfully you are not alone.  Tools and resources are now available for those who want to know more about music theory within genres and approaches to music that fit their artistic goals.

One of these resources is HookedTheory.   This webpage hosts all sorts of valuable information about songwriting, chord theory, tablature and links to deeper reading sources such as text books as well as interactive tools such as apps for mobile devices.

Please take just a few minutes looking over this page and find at least one resource that would be valuable for your production and artistic development.

Briefly report on your findings via the google form here.

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